Oktoberfest Dublin

I went along to Oktoberfest in George’s Dock in the IFSC on Friday evening after work with a few work colleagues. I’ve never been to it in Dublin before so I was looking forward to seeing what all the fuss was about.

I arrived there at 5.30 so I was there nice and early, before the queues (which tend to get ridiculous later on).

We went straight into the main tent to avoid the rain and get a drink. You have two options for beer: German Erdinger “Fischer’s Hell” or “Weizenbier” (wheatbeer) and can get either a pint or a stein (which has 2 pints in each one). The steins cost €12, so €6 a pint is quite expensive, even by Dublin standards.

Crowds in Oktoberfest tent
Crowds in Oktoberfest tent

In the tent there’s several rows of long tables and chairs, a stage and 2 bars. Some of the long tables were removed once the weather outside got bad and they need more standing space in there. This was a bit annoying for the people sitting at these tables closest to the entrances as they were the ones told to get up and had to stand for the rest of the night.

On the stage there was a German band that played German folk songs, thankfully they didn’t play for too long and eventually they just played your usual pub pop/dance songs.

Oktoberfest external view
Oktoberfest Dublin on George’s Dock in the IFSC

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