Heartbreak House at the Abbey Theatre

On Friday evening, we had tickets for the play Heartbreak House at the Abbey Theatre, on Abbey street in Dublin 1.  We went into town and had a drink in The Oval bar on middle Abbey street and then went to the play, we managed to be 5 minutes late as we thought, doors open at 7.30 pm and the play was at 8pm, but lucky enough it had just started.

The play is written by George Bernard Shaw and is a period drama comedy, set in a Country house.  A retired Sea Captain and his two daughters and friends have a dinner party is the general gist of it.  It was based around the themes of love or lack of it and deception.  The costumes were great and the actors were all very talented, I enjoyed seeing the actor Don Wycherley, the guy who had a big house on the Quays, from Bachelors Walk, RTE’s TV show.

Heartbreak House Play at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin.
Heartbreak House Play at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

This was our second time at the Abbey Theatre, we went to the play Drum belly last year, which was a play set in the 1960’s about Irish American gangsters in New York, I thought it was very good.  We also saw the Abbey’s production of the Sean O’Casey play, Shadow of a gunman, but at the time the Abbey Theatre was undergoing asbestos removal and the plays were been staged in Belvedere College, it was nice to see inside Belvedere but I would like to see a Sean O’Casey play in the Abbey one day as well.



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